The Women's March in New York City

On Saturday, January 21st, I went to the Women's March.  It was amazing!  There were so many people that crowds clogged all the streets from 42nd Street on up and from Second Avenue to Fifth.  I haven't been in a demonstration that large since the big anti-Vietnam War one in Washington back in the day.  The estimate is 400,000 people.  And it was incredibly diverse: young and old (many people brought their children), black, white, brown, Asian, mostly women, but many men.  I carried the new Shepherd Fairey print of a young Muslim woman wearing an American flag hijab, which had the message "We The People Are Stronger Than Fear."  A number of people stopped to take my picture and three or four young Muslim women thanked me for carrying it.  It was amazingly heartening.  So too was the news of similar marches all around the planet.  Let's hope this beings a movement that cannot be overthrown. 

Bonnie AndersonComment