Write These Senators Soon About Kavanaugh

I found Christine Blasey Ford completely believable. I thought Brett Kavanaugh furious, partisan, dishonest and disrespectful — exactly the wrong temperament for a Supreme Court justice. I don’t think further corroboration from the FBI is needed. From his first time in Congress, when he declared that no president had searched harder or longer for a candidate than Trump did for him, to his denial of drinking, knowledge of “boofing” and “the devil’s triangle,” he perjured himself. It’s important that we write at least the following Senators, urging them to vote “no”: Sen. Collins of Maine, Sen. Flake of Arizona, Sen. Manchin of West Virginia, and Sen. Murkowski of Alaska. I plan to write them all again and hope many others will as well. It’s better to act than to stew over injustice.

The best way to contact these senators is to Google their name and then go to “contact” on their websites. Doing this, I never learned their individual email addresses, but know that my message got through. Telephone their offices if you can — again, their phone numbers are on their websites. And if you know people in their home states, urge them to write or phone as well.

Bonnie AndersonComment