"I Am Not A Member Of Any Organized Political Party -- I'm A Democrat"

     Attributed to the humorist Will Rogers in 1935, this saying is unfortunately still true today.  I must get emails from at least ten different Democratic groups each day: TrainDemocrats, Democratic Attorney Generals, Democratic Governors, Democrats for the Senate, the House, against gerrymandering, the Democratic Leadership Council, and Obama for America in addition to my two Democratic Senators, Gillibrand and Schumer, as well as pro-Democratic organizations I belong to, like MoveOn, the ACLU, and Emily's List.  Plus the Democratic candidates I support, like Beto O'Rourke, Jacky Rosen, and Danny O'Connell, as well.  The tone of these messages has become increasingly hectoring: "Does Bonnie Support Donald Trump?," or "We Are Counting On YOU To Fill Out This Survey!"  Every survey ends with an appeal for more funds and the more you give, the more you are asked to give.  

     Give me a break!  It's gotten so bad that I've begun to unsubscribe from these sites.  I would feel much better if these Democratic groups unified, worked together instead of separately, and convinced me they were an organized party.  The messages I'm most comfortable with are the ones that promote voter registration, urge voters to get out and vote, and to vote for whichever Democrat is running, not just their "perfect" candidate.  I know there's a split in the party between those who want to appeal to the center and those who favor more left-wing causes, but why do we have to choose?  A broad, successful political party can and should represent both factions.  That's the only way Democrats will succeed, not just this November, but in the future as well.

     In addition, as someone in her 70s, I don't want anymore leaders of my age.  It's time for a new generation to take over.  So, no, I don't support Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, or Joe Biden, no matter how much I like them or agree with them.  This goes for Nancy Pelosi as well.  Age diminishes energy in everyone and it's time for a change.  As the Republican Party has ceded its values and soul to Donald Trump, it's easy to call for a new Republican model.  But think it's high time for a new Democratic paradigm as well.  May it come soon!