Letter to Senators About Kavanaugh's Confirmation

I sent the following letter to every Republican senator and to those Democrats in red states.

Dear Senator

     I entreat you not to race through the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.  Judge Kavanaugh has an extensive record of opinions on vitally important issues, very few of which are being made available to the Senate.  The National Archives, a highly respected bi-partisan government agency, has denounced this process as both unprecedented and unrepresentative of its mission.

     Rushing through his confirmation so that it precedes the November elections also violates what seemed to be a Republican principle.  "Let the people decide," was your party's proclamation in the again unprecedented move to prevent a vote on Pres. Obama's supreme court nominee for almost a year.  To deny that saying now, when it might work against you, is both unseemly and unpatriotic.

     I say this as an American who cherishes many of our nation's traditional values.  I know I am not a constituent of yours, but on this issue, you are acting as a national and not a state representative.  In addition, I believe in a two-party system.  I fear that if the Republican Party again betrays fundamental traditions and principles of the United States, it will undermine its own values and eventually cease to exist.


                                                   Bonnie S. Anderson                                                                                                                             Professor Emerita of History                                                                                                               City University of New York